Google Awards

Google have announced Push as the winner of the Highest Customer Satisfaction Award in 2016

Scream from The Rooftops!

We always knew Push was full of amazing people. Now the world gets to know as well as we have won the Google award for Highest Customer Satisfaction in 2016 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Google gave away just 8 awards on the night and there were hundreds of the largest Google agencies competing, across EMEA.

See what makes us special

Pushgroup on that beat, ayee... Pushgroup on that beat, ayeee can’t win awards like me, ayeee..

About the Honour

This award is recognition of the extensive support we give to our customers, how we understand their business and how we help them to grow online. We are focused on being ‘always ahead’ and give our customers access to the very best and latest in Google Beta tests. This allows us to quickly deploy new marketing tactics. We have shown over the years that rapid implementation of new marketing tactics helps our customers keep ahead of their competition.

The award was based on:

  • Feedback from an independent survey of our customers
  • Our ability to enable customers to take advantage of new Adwords features
  • Our success in developing long term Adwords strategies with our customers

Thank you!

Currently we are expanding the Push team to ensure we can always give the time and support our customers need to exceed their online goals