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For business owners, Google Adwords can be a love/hate affair; many entrepreneurs try to take advantage of in-house Adwords campaigns which often result little or no return. If you feel like you’ve been sinking money into what’s boasted as one of the best marketing tools out there and yet you’re still waiting to see it work for you, then perhaps you need a helping hand?

Adwords Simplified

Adwords success depends on careful planning and measurement. Often what you see in Adwords is not what is really happening. We have developed software that produces analysis reports based on our years of experiences of where the focus should be. By following a rigorous process in analysis and Adwords Management we have a proven formulae for success.

Our Push Analyser Software includes

Trend Overview

Take a step back and see trends year on year and month on month. Sometimes you see small trends developing over time.

Ad Share Gap Identifier

How often is your Ad shown. Understand how much traffic you may be missing.

80/20 Focus Reports

What keywords make up 80% of your sales/leads? What strategy can you use to focus on these?

Wastage Analysis

Often there will be wastage on certain keyword variations that can be eliminated to focus budget on what works.

Keyword Discovery

Discover keyword themes that you do not have that can generate mores sales and leads.

Quality Score Management

Quality Score Management will give you an advantage over your competitors. See how you can improve your quality score.

Ad Performance Alerts

What adverts are the ones that work in generating more qualified traffic? What strategy can you use for Ad copy testing?

Match Type Analysis

Which match types are best for your business? Do you have the right mix of match types and are they consistent across the account?

Device Performance

How do your campaigns perform across tablet, desktop and mobile. Mobile is growing fast. How is your account set up for it?

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We manage over £10 million each year on Adwords for all types of businesses. Whether you are a small company of a FTSE listed company our Adwords process will work for you. We manage monthly budgets from £500 to £50,000.

Your Audit will be presented to you and have comprehensive reports and include more than just Adwords findings but also conversion rate optimisation ideas.

We also came second in a recent Google Partner Competition and are an agency that has access to new features before they are released to the mass market.

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What’s The Catch?

There is no catch. We are passionate about Adwords and how it can boost your business. Our audit is our way of showing you how Adwords can work better for you as well as you seeing how our tried and tested Adwords process may work for you in the future.