Increase Conversions Through Overlays

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Why Use Overlays

With more visitors leaving your site than taking action maybe they need a gentle push to take action.

Your website visitors might not have seen crucial information to them but overlays can help you ensure they do have all the information at hand easily.

Overlays introduce softer conversions that keep your sales pipeline full.


Types of Push Overlay

Stop Exit

As visitors move towards the back button provide them with information that will make them reconsider leaving

Top or Bottom Stripe

Subtle overlay at top or bottom of page for key messages

Full Screen

Be bold. Take over the entire page


Push focus onto the video by dimming the rest of the site

Bottom Right Corner

Great for contact us or help requests

Newsletter Sign Up

Build the valuable e-mail list with data capture forms

Multiple Chain

Ideal for product demos, tours as you make a chain of overlays


Show another website in an overlay


Get customers to engage on your social channels you choose

Why Use An Agency For Overlays?

A strategy needs to be in place to ensure the overlays are used at the right time and do not annoy website visitors.

There will be different messages you want on different pages and by using different types of overlays this is done with visitor experience in mind. Our overlays are on brand and engaging.

We can ensure data collected from overlays is integrated into e-mail / crm systems easily.


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What Overlays Can You Use?

Speak to us to discuss your visitor touch points and how we can use overlays to communicate different messages through your conversion funnel and ideas to encourage action from those about to leave your site.