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Google UK 1-13
St. Giles High Street

8:00am – 10:30am

Tuesday 8th March

A Specialist Business Event for

  • CEO’s
  • MD’s
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners

Are you ready to take action in 2016?

And… Are you open to learning how to grow your business with speed and confidence. Digital growth will continue to accelerate and by 2018 Google forecast that digital will account for 80% of media consumption. We will share with you the key digital strategies to adopt to out manoeuvre your competition and drive your cost of sales/enquiries down while at the same time growing your turnover.

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Very Limited Seating.


The Problems in Your Business

Discover what is blocking your growth, holding up your business and where to focus resources to create your Jump – (The strategic decisions you need to make in your business)

The Importance of Digital

The importance of digital and the role of Google Adwords, mobile, video in making this jump

How We Work to Help Your

How Shirlaws, Push and Google and the perfect partnership to help you dramatically grow your business.

Exclusive Strategy

This content is new and innovative, you cannot hear it anywhere else.

We Have Teamed up With Shirlaws and Google

Shirlaws are business coaches and brings money, time and choice to business owners. Their coaching methodology has transformed hundreds of businesses in 37 countries.

Speaking from Shirlaws will be Nic Rixon.

Nic is one of the founding partners of Shirlaws, responsible for driving the growth of the business. He has worked with British Aerospace, Sony Pictures, HSBC, Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Direct Selling Association and Oxford University.

Nic has also been invited to deliver keynote presentations at numerous Business Schools in UK and Europe on business strategy.

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