Are You Using These Advanced Remarketing Strategies

Remarket to your website visitors across the internet & convert lost visitors to customers.

What is Remarketing?

Over 90% of your website visitors are likely to leave your website without taking action. It may be they are not ready to buy or contact you on that visit.

However, they may be ready later that day, next week or indeed in several months.

Remarketing allows you to stay in front of those visitors across the internet until they are ready to take action with your business. You have to be smart how you stay in front of them…


What Types of Remarketing Can I Use?


Text ads generate the most exposure across the internet and is a great starting point


There are 20+ banners sizes that get displayed on other websites


These banners show products a visitor has seen on your site and is uber relevant to them


Some industries lend themselves to quick action so you may only remarket aggressively for a few days


High value sales B2B sectors typically involve long sales cycles so encourage soft actions over a long period

Facebook & Twitter

People spend long periods of time on social networks and is a prime opportunity to convert them to a customer.

Non Converted

Send offers to those customers that have not bought from you


Add broader keywords or offer adverts to appear on Google search for just your previous visitors.


Build credibility and relationships with your visitors with videos that cost just pennies a view

Why Use an Agency
for Remarketing?

We manage over £10 million each year on Adwords for all types of businesses and £3 million of that is on remarketing alone.

It is a must in any digital campaign but needs careful thought, testing and continuos changes. You don’t want your customers seeing the same creatives as they will then ignore any marketing from you.

There are some websites you will not want your adverts to show as you will not want your brand associated with them. We have built lists of these unwanted sites over the years.

All creatives are designed in house with knowledge of what encourages potential customers to take action.

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