Adwords Scripts Can Change Your Life!

We can help you get started or develop your ideas into reality.

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Why Use Scripts?

AdWords scripts provide you a great way to automate tasks and see insights hidden deep within AdWords.

They are great for repetitive tasks but also for those custom reports that take hours. It can transform your time allocation and allow you to focus on more strategic elements in your business.

If you have basic Javascript knowledge head over to the Google script site and see if you can get started or read on to see how we can help.

Adwords Simplified

We have developed over 100 scripts we use to manage several hundred AdWords campaigns globally that produces analysis, reports and automated changes based on our years of experiences of where the focus should be. We can develop a script dashboard for your accounts or work on a bespoke script.

If you never used Adwords Scripts before you will wonder how you survived without them. Imagine a world where
  • Queries that convert that are not in your account are added automatically
  • You are alerted to keyword duplication and ads going to 404 pages
  • You get realtime alerts and data sent to e-mail or to a document
  • You can manage all your ads from a spreadsheet
  • You can scan a graph of every campaign and ad group in one document for one or multiple accounts
  • If your position changes through the day you can change your bid accordingly
  • Bid by every hour of every day
  • Build campaigns from one spreadsheet
  • Control shopping bids from a spreadsheet and compare products month on month, week on week and year on year

This list is truly endless….

Our Push Script Tech Stack

These are just some of them. Contact us to discuss what scripts might be best for you.

Trend Overview

Take a step back and see trends year on year and month on month. Sometimes you see small trends developing over time.

Budget Cap

Set a budget cap so you do not over spend even if you over inflate your budgets on Adwords

80/20 Focus Reports

What keywords make up 80% of your sales/leads? What strategy can you use to focus on these?

Wastage Analysis

Have your search query reports by ad group or campaign live in a spreadsheet instead of downloading from Adwords

Keyword Discovery

Discover keyword themes that you do not have that are appearing in your search query reports

Error 404

Get e-mailed when your landing pages or websites are down and have them paused if you would like too

Ad Customiser Adverts

Set up your Ad copy in spreadsheets where you just change the copy in a spreadsheet rather than in AdWords

Display Wastage

Automatically add placemnets with no conversions as negatives after x clicks

Limit Alerts

Get notified when campaigns are limited by budget before Google tells you

Why Trust Us
With Your Scripts?

  • We manage spends of over £15 million, each year, on Adwords using over a 100 scripts
  • We can set everything up and provide ongoing support for your scripts
  • Push are a multi-award winning Google Premier Partner.
  • We are the current winners of Google’s awards for Global Mobile Innovation, EMEA Mobile Innovation and EMEA Customer Satisfaction. We are also a top 3 EMEA partner for growing business online and display innovation
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Why Use an Agency for Set Up?

We are passionate about Adwords. Our research audit is our way of showing you how Adwords can work  for you. Our acute understand of online consumers and the current market allow us to constantly develop new strategies to help your business keep growing.

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Since working with Push we’ve gone from strength to strength continually increasing our market share at a time when we could not find the ability to scale. Their attention to detail and aggressive Google shopping strategies have really help drive our growth targets and build an internal strategy on our product structure, descriptions and titles based on their advice.”

Barriers Direct

“The job search market is very competitive and there are some big players in the market.. Push have allowed us to compete in this space in a cost-efficient manner. The biggest win was the drop-in brand spend which meant we could increase awareness of Fish4jobs in areas where we did not always have a presence. Keeping us ahead by consistently implementing new strategies and BETAs have meant vast improvements in attribution of apps and traffic to from PPC for fish4jobs.”


“It’s been fab working with Push to define our mobile app paid marketing strategy. We’ve found the guys super helpful, always coming to us with new ideas and in-depth analysis. Push always seem to know the latest tools available, and we’ve managed to achieve some great results from the campaign so far. I look forward to seeing what else we can do together in the future!”


“The legal services search market is extremely competitive and expensive. Through Push’s ability to quickly understand and implement Google’s new features across our account, we have gained a competitive advantage over others in the market and have been able drive increasing volumes of conversions at a lower cost per acquisition.”

UK Migration

“Through our close working relationship with Push and their expertise in Adwords we have been able to quickly and easily expand into new markets for Vinci across 12 different countries.”


“In addition to creating Adwords campaigns that have driven a large volume of leads into P4B, Push also revamped our website into a mobile optimised version that looks great and converts.”

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