Meet our team

Get to know some of our stars who are experts in their field and have more than enough facial hair to boost your conversion rate.


Marketing Director

Ricky is the fountain of knowledge in the Push team. Proficient in everything from PPC & SEO management to the coding of websites, he strives for innovation and excellence in all aspects of digital marketing. Never accept a tea from Ricky as it’s likely to taste like milky water.


Business Development Director

Steve’s main strengths includes an extensive knowledge of all aspects of internet marketing and up to date industry expertise. His ability to simplfy complex subjects make him the perfect person to be in front of prospective new clients. He’s the ‘old boy' at Push and we also ‘wheel him out’ for all of our seminars.


Non Exec

Saira’s just too busy with her media career and other businesses to be in the office regularly but when she is in don’t we all know it. An ardent supporter of Push.


Head of Search

Also known as the PPC daddy, Charlie Carroll is our results focussed Head of Search. Passionate about data, he has over 5 years of experience managing all aspects of PPC. He enjoys eating chicken curry and making tea for everyone in the office. (Though Isuru makes the best tea).


Head of Push Denmark

Heading our Scandinavian office in Copenhagen. Isuru is one of our most senior managers with an excellent track record of Display and PPC management. Isuru is bursting with creative ideas for your business. Heading the Display team to new heights. Flying back and forth from London & Copenhagen, Catch him where you can.


Head of New Business

Jai is Push’s manager of client relationships. As well as being our own in house answer to ‘Jay Sean’ Jai is a fully accredited Adwords certified partner with good knowledge of conversion optimization, Adwords management and analytics reporting.


Digital Account Manager

Driven and passionate about PPC, Reece has an entrepreneurial flair that delivers nothing but results for his clients. He is also a Triathlon junkie!. He is also leads our landing page development, ensuring we get the best results!


Digital Account Manager

One of our most experienced PPC managers with an impressive knowledge of both Adwords and all aspects of Social/Facebook marketing. She has quickly become a senior member of the team managing both social and PPC campaigns for a diverse range of clients. Also Louboutins best customer & loves discounts!.


Head of Ecommerce

Our own PPC Marketing Secret Weapon, who always looks for new online marketing avenues. Direct from Amazon, he certainly knows his stuff. Listen out for his stories about his own Pet Parrot! Chirrrp!


Digital Account Manager

The newest addition to our team Monique brings a wealth of corporate experience to our team. Having formerly worked with some huge household brands in the fashion and banking sectors she brings new and diverse strategic insights second to none. She also has a quite scary obsession with Eminem.


Head of Onboarding

(also known as the 'office rubbish bin' for the amount of chocolate and crisps she eats) is now our leading PPC Onboarder. In a short space of time she built and perfected more accounts than anyone else in the team ensuring we deliver results from the moment we start. She also waddles when she walks.



The king of creative design. Yash knows how to keep web visitors on the page and lead them subtly to the next important step. Calm, thoughtful and considered, Yash also plays the role of ‘brand police’ when required.


Frontend Developer & Designer

Adept, methodical and extremely efficient, Usama is the ninja of front-end development. He is also the driving force behind the development of our web builds, implementing creative code for all devices and delivering flawless design to all our clients.



George our most recent university undergrad Graphic Designer is passionate to get all our creative processes executed professionally. His main forte is being innovative in Branding Graphic Design to meet every corporation’s requirement. A big fan of cars but still fails to pass his test every time.. Goodluck George.......(Update Jan 2016, George has now passed his driving test)


Web Developer

Cel has been developing code since the very first spectrum computers (only those of certain age will have heard of Spectrum). He is the sharpshooter of our support system and thankfully for our clients thinks of every possible scenario when he alters code!


Project Manager

With a distinction in Electronic Business MSc and a BSc in Computing Science (Hons 1st Class), Qam is Push's technical guru and problem solver. A born and bred Derbyshire lad, with technical proficiency across the board, he knows how to save the day when any problems come his way!


Digital Account Manager

Tariq, also known as the snowboarding enthusiast of the team is one of our core communicators. Not only can he manage and optimise campaigns for great results, but is also an avid blogger and is always up to date with industry news



Head of Marketing

With years of knowledge when it comes to handling PPC accounts, Grant is known as a workaholic rarely every sleeping as he makes sure PPC accounts are as best as they can be, known as the genius of marketing. Outside work Grant follows his pride and joy Manchester United.



Busy Mum of 2 is organised and holds the Push purse. She keeps the Push team on track each month but please don't pay late or she might not be so nice! Veen is a pattern designer in her spare time.


Account Manager

Yannis is our newest team member bringing the foundation of civilization to our office. Yannis has a keen eye for detail and quickly developed a passion for data & using scripts & automations. If you ever need Yannis to do something done faster, offer crisps & cake, his 'Achilles Heel'!


Social Executive

Aparna is our secret social wizard, with a wealth of knowedge on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Advertising (although she has had a dip in the pool of the majority of social platforms!). She has a love of good food and everyone in the team aspires to cook lamb the way she does!


New Business

Paul has over 11 years experience in the PPC market place and has helped many businesses jump-start their revenue by crafting proven PPC campaigns for them. He has worked with 500 businesses worldwide. Paul splits his time between helping clients grow their online sales and expanding his muscles in the local gym


Digital Account Manager

With vast experience in marketing Ian is what we like to call an all rounder. With a love for PPC, Display and social he loves a multi- media plan! Being a family man he often brings in baked treats from the weekend, which we all love!